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Patients with discordant C. difficile test results had lower mortality with treatment

Patients who were positive for Clostridioides difficile on nucleic acid amplification testing but negative on toxin immunoassay had similar 30-day mortality to those with positive results on both tests, according to a review of observational studies.
22 Sep 2023

Catching C. diff cases, not colonization

Researchers have found innovative ways to improve hospital systems for diagnosing Clostridioides difficile.
25 Aug 2023

Surgery for malignant small bowel obstruction did not reduce 90-day mortality

A comparison in which some patients with malignant small bowel obstruction were randomized and some chose between surgery and nonsurgical management found no difference in mortality between treatments, but surgery was associated with more symptom improvement.
25 Aug 2023

Stopping the cycle of C. diff

Microbiota therapies offer exciting potential to reduce the burden of recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection, experts say.
24 Feb 2023

Two-step testing for Clostridioides difficile appears safe in multicenter study

Using an enzyme immunoassay after a positive nucleic acid amplification test was associated with a decrease in hospital-onset Clostridioides difficile infections and a reduction in related antibiotic use but no change in emergent colectomies.
23 Jun 2023

Mandatory approval process for C. diff testing linked to lower hospital-onset infection rates

An intervention that required mandatory approval from an infectious diseases physician before testing for Clostridioides difficile was associated with a greater than 50% decrease in hospital-onset C. difficile infection rates at one hospital.
26 May 2023

Most asymptomatic C. difficile carriers in health care settings did not progress to infection

In a study at three U.S. hospitals and affiliated long-term care facilities, most patients who were found to be carriers of Clostridioides difficile had cleared the bacteria on subsequent testing, and only 13.4% were subsequently diagnosed with infection.
24 Mar 2023

Glycogenic hepatopathy

A 21-year-old man with type 1 diabetes presented to the hospital with nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Physical exam showed hepatosplenomegaly.
23 Sep 2022

A click to improve cirrhosis care

An electronic alert increased use of rifaximin in patients with cirrhosis who were taking lactulose and were admitted with hepatic encephalopathy.
24 Jun 2022

Manage meds to treat GI bleeding before, after endoscopy

Care of inpatients with GI bleeding is complicated and multidisciplinary, but hospitalists can contribute by starting and stopping the right drugs, according to conference coverage from Internal Medicine Meeting 2022.
27 May 2022

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