Case reports, series published on gastroenterology topics

Reports on sarcomatoid carcinoma of the colon, intestinal histopathologic findings in multisystem inflammatory syndrome, and chronic gastric ischemia with ulceration, as well as a case series on immune checkpoint inhibitor use in microscopic colitis, were published in the past month.

Three case reports and one case series on gastroenterology topics were published in the past month by Annals of Internal Medicine: Clinical Cases.

One case report, published July 19, described a male patient with sigmoid sarcomatoid carcinoma who presented with three months of abdominal distension, weight loss, and abdominal mass. The second case report, published July 5, described intestinal histopathologic findings in a young adult with multisystem inflammatory syndrome. The third, published on June 21, reported the case of a female patient with significant cardiovascular disease, chronic abdominal pain, and repeated episodes of GI bleeding who was ultimately diagnosed with chronic gastric ischemia with recurrent gastric ulcers. The case series, also published on June 21, described four patients with microscopic colitis who required immune checkpoint inhibitors for cancer therapy and their GI-related outcomes after initiation.