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Colonoscopy technology and quality efforts have also been improving, the task force said. ... added that surveillance colonoscopy for patients with risk factors is clinically rational and recommended.
February 2020

GI bleeding

guidelines suggest early colonoscopy in patients with severe hematochezia or those with high-risk clinical features and ongoing bleeding,” they wrote. ... Elective colonoscopy performed 24 hours or more after presentation is appropriate for most
December 2019


The risk of perforation during colonoscopy is 5.8 per 10,000, while bleeding occurs in 2.4 per 1,000 colonoscopies, according to a committee report from the American Society ... The review included nine studies of colonoscopy-associated mortality, which
October 2019


At 10 Canadian endoscopy units, researchers allocated patients undergoing colonoscopies between 10:30 a.m. ... Results did not change after adjustment for patient demographic characteristics and time elapsed from end of preparation to colonoscopy.
August 2020

MKSAP quiz: Timing of surveillance colonoscopy

All physical examination findings, including vital signs, are normal. When should this patient's next surveillance colonoscopy take place? ... Colonoscopy is the preferred modality for surveillance in patients with a personal history of colon cancer.
January 2019

MKSAP quiz: Colonoscopy after a sessile serrated polyp

Physical examination findings are unremarkable. Which of the following is the most appropriate time to repeat colonoscopy? ... Patients with large (10 mm) or dysplastic sessile serrated polyps or traditional serrated adenomas should undergo colonoscopy
April 2017

Interval cancer after screening colonoscopy more common in black patients than in white patients

Black patients were more likely than white patients to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer between screening colonoscopies, a recent study found. ... The population-based cohort study included Medicare patients ages 65 to 75 years who received screening
May 2017

Colonoscopy with computer-aided diagnosis may allow better assessment of diminutive polyps

Colonoscopy using computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) may allow clinicians to better distinguish diminutive polyps that require resection from those that do not, a study found. ... Researchers in Japan performed a single-group, open-label, prospective study
August 2018

Spotlight on follow-up colonoscopy

result and follow-up colonoscopy was associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer. ... The second study highlighted the importance of timely follow-up colonoscopy after a positive FIT.
November 2018

Mobile app increased screening rates, colonoscopy decreased mortality risk, studies find

One recent study used an iPad app to incorporate a decision aid for colorectal cancer screening, while another study looked at colonoscopy among U.S. ... They added that the subgroup analysis of colonoscopy indication was limited by a relatively small
March 2018

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