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After surgery for stage II or III colorectal cancer, more vs less frequent follow-up did not differ for 5-year mortality

16 Annals of Internal Medicine. Testing with CT, CEA, and colonoscopy is recommended by multiple guidelines for early detection of colorectal cancer recurrence after curative surgery.
October 2018

Lowering colorectal cancer screening age from 50 to 45 years appears cost-effective

However, it would require 10.7 million additional colonoscopies and cost an incremental $10.4 billion. ... the country's capacity to provide this many additional screening colonoscopies should be considered.
April 2019

Annual FIT has moderate to high sensitivity and specificity for screening asymptomatic adults

However, it said, media and health systems continue to promote colonoscopy as the best test for colorectal cancer, despite changes to U.S. ... of comparative studies of available tests and insurance coverage not only for screening colonoscopies but for
March 2019

MKSAP quiz: Persistent constipation for 2 years

Adding bisacodyl caused severe abdominal cramping, prompting its discontinuation. Colonoscopy at the onset of constipation was unremarkable.
December 2018

FIT screening may not be the best method to find right-sided cancers, study indicates

Most interval cancer cases occur in the right colon, regardless of testing strategy, although colonoscopy has become better at detection through quality and technologic improvements.”.
October 2018

Calcium supplements may increase the risk of sessile polyps, study finds

Patients underwent colonoscopy at the end of treatment and again at least three years after treatment was discontinued.
March 2018

Misoprostol may help treat obscure GI bleeding in patients taking aspirin, NSAIDs

3. mg/L, or positive results on a fecal occult blood test) and normal results on upper endoscopy and colonoscopy.
May 2018

MKSAP quiz: Long-term follow-up of bariatric surgery

Her last colonoscopy, performed 5 years ago, was normal. On physical examination, blood pressure is 140/79 mm Hg and pulse rate is 63/min.
October 2017

Spotlight on screening in primary care

Practices with sufficient resources should implement outreach effects with a choice of FIT- or colonoscopy-based screening, followed by sufficient support to ensure high levels of adherence (e.g., text message
September 2017

Mailing fecal immunochemical tests to patients due for colorectal cancer screening increased screening uptake

Regarding the secondary outcome of any colorectal cancer screening, they added that colonoscopy is subject to under-capture in primary care records and that they could not distinguish between screening and ... Rates of colorectal cancer screening are low,
August 2018

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