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Uptake of colorectal cancer screening tests was defined as a record of a fecal occult blood test in the past two years, flexible sigmoidoscopy in the past five years, or colonoscopy ... Physicians were less likely than nonphysicians to undergo fecal
November 2019

MKSAP quiz: 4-month history of dysphagia

Results of a screening colonoscopy 4 years ago were normal. There is no family history of colorectal cancer. ... C. Repeat colonoscopy. D. Stop PPI therapy. E. Reassurance. The correct answer is E.
June 2017

MKSAP quiz: ED visit for lower abdominal discomfort

Percutaneous drainage. D. Urgent colonoscopy. The correct answer is A. Discharge home with close follow-up. ... Colonoscopy is recommended after recovery because diverticulitis may be precipitated by a sigmoid cancer; however, colonoscopy during an
July 2018

Tailored thresholds for FIT may increase colorectal cancer detection

The authors determined that 3% more cancer cases would be detected and 23% more colonoscopies would be required with a decrease in positivity threshold from 20 μg/g to 15 ... Maximizing the [colorectal cancer] detection rate within the context of a
September 2018

Spotlight on fecal microbiota transplantation

Patients were randomized to receive FMT by colonoscopy or nasojejunal tube after four to 10 days of vancomycin (125 mg four times daily; n=24), to receive 10 days of fidaxomicin ... pooled donor FMT (n=38) or autologous FMT (n=35) through colonoscopy
January 2019

FIT may be useful for screening above-average-risk populations for colorectal cancer

is especially important for those who are averse to colonoscopy. ... colonoscopy.”. All articles from the July 28, 2017, ACP Gastroenterology Monthly Newsletter.
July 2017

MKSAP quiz: 2-month history of diarrhea

Which of the following is the most appropriate management? A. Colonoscopy. ... A colonoscopy is not indicated at this time because this patient is otherwise healthy and does not have gastrointestinal bleeding or signs suggesting inflammatory bowel disease
January 2017

MKSAP quiz: Evaluation for Crohn disease flare

A colonoscopy performed 6 months ago showed moderate, patchy, left-sided colitis extending from the descending colon to the splenic flexure. ... Although endoscopic procedures are generally avoided in pregnant patients unless absolutely necessary,
September 2017

From ACP Journal Club

Specificity is not emphasized in the article although it is also important when choosing a screening test because all positive test results, including false positives, would be followed with colonoscopy.
August 2019

From ACP Internist Weekly

Completion of any CRC screening within six months of randomization was the primary outcome; secondary outcomes were completion of FIT or colonoscopy within six months of randomization.
July 2019

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