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Spotlight on follow-up colonoscopy

result and follow-up colonoscopy was associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer. ... The second study highlighted the importance of timely follow-up colonoscopy after a positive FIT.
November 2018

Mobile app increased screening rates, colonoscopy decreased mortality risk, studies find

One recent study used an iPad app to incorporate a decision aid for colorectal cancer screening, while another study looked at colonoscopy among U.S. ... They added that the subgroup analysis of colonoscopy indication was limited by a relatively small
March 2018


Low-volume split-dose bowel preparation regimens may be as effective as high-volume split-dose regimens before colonoscopy, according to a recent study. ... However, they concluded that low- and high-volume split-dose preparations are equally effective
November 2019

From ACP Journal Club

Replacing clopidogrel with a placebo for a week before colonoscopy did not significantly reduce postpolypectomy bleeding, according to a randomized trial of 387 patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD) from Hong Kong. ... All patients resumed
July 2019

Fecal transplants by pill noninferior to colonoscopy delivery

28. Among 116 patients, 57 were randomized to the capsule group and 59 to the colonoscopy group. ... One hundred five patients, 53 in the capsule group and 52 in the colonoscopy group, completed the trial.
December 2017

Colonoscopy outreach increased CRC screening more than FIT outreach; both were better than usual care

FIT completion rates were low at each step: Only 33% of patients with positive results on screening FIT had colonoscopy. ... This would add another reason to choose colonoscopy, despite its up-front cost, small risk, and 1-time inconvenience.
January 2018

Mucosal healing an emerging goal of ulcerative colitis treatment, guideline states

Patients with UC and primary sclerosing cholangitis should undergo a screening colonoscopy when diagnosed and surveillance annually, the guideline said. ... Surveillance colonoscopies should be performed at one- to three-year intervals based on the
March 2019

Keeping tabs

While the findings highlight the importance of surveillance colonoscopies, improvements in endoscopic detection of dysplasia and polyps alone are unlikely to explain the decrease in the hazard ratio of CRC in
January 2020

Test yourself

Colonoscopy results are normal. Random colon biopsy specimens show lymphocytic infiltration of the mucosa with a subepithelial collagen band. ... Her primary symptom of chronic watery diarrhea, colonoscopy results showing normal-appearing mucosa, and
September 2020

Test yourself

Colonoscopy results show a segment of subepithelial hemorrhage, edema, and erythema from the cecum to the hepatic flexure. ... A CT scan showing thickening of the ascending colon and the colonoscopy features are helpful in confirming this diagnosis.
August 2020

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