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Inflammatory bowel disease associated with higher risk for dementia

Patients with inflammatory bowel disease were diagnosed with dementia an average of seven years earlier than matched controls in a Taiwanese study.
26 Jun 2020

CDC updates guidance on responding to health care exposures to HCV

The CDC called for hepatitis C virus (HCV) testing of both the patient and exposed personnel as soon as possible after an exposure incident, preferably within 48 hours.
28 Aug 2020

Colonoscopy surveillance every 3 years may be sufficient after polypectomy

A multicenter randomized trial in Japan found that a single surveillance colonoscopy three years postpolypectomy and two surveillance colonoscopies at one and three years were similarly accurate for detecting clinically important neoplastic lesions.
20 Nov 2020

Three rounds of FIT had higher CRC detection rates than one sigmoidoscopy, study finds

Participation was higher and more colorectal cancer (CRC) and advanced adenomas were detected with repeated fecal immunochemical testing (FIT) compared to sigmoidoscopy, although the risks of perforation and bleeding were comparable.
18 Dec 2020

Best practice advice offered for diagnosis, management of seronegative enteropathy

The American Gastroenterological Association said that diagnosis of seronegative celiac disease, the most common cause of seronegative enteropathy, can be complicated by misinterpretation of histological findings, insufficient serological testing, IgA deficiency, and premature initiation of a gluten-free diet.
23 Oct 2020

Model that blends machine learning, traditional risk score may improve cirrhosis prediction

Using clinical variables identified from simple machine learning in a cirrhosis mortality model produced a new score that was more transparent than a commonly used version of the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease, a study found.
20 Nov 2020

Dietary choices, some drugs may reduce incidence of colorectal cancer

While NSAIDs and a high consumption of fruits and vegetables were associated with a decreased incidence of colorectal cancer, frequent consumption of alcohol or meat was linked to increased colorectal cancer incidence, a systematic review found.
23 Oct 2020

CT, MRI recommended for first-line diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis

Endoscopic ultrasonography should be used only if the diagnosis is in question after cross-sectional imaging, according to a guideline from the American College of Gastroenterology.
27 Mar 2020

Wireless monitoring identified patients who could discontinue PPIs

Patients with reflux symptoms and inadequate response to proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) discontinued the drugs for a week and then had their acid exposure time measured by a wireless pH capsule in a recent study.
25 Sep 2020

Cannabis, cannabinoids didn't improve remission or inflammatory markers in IBD

A meta-analysis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) studies did find improvements in patient-reported symptoms and quality of life associated with cannabis and cannabinoids.
24 Jul 2020

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