Case reports cover peritonitis, rare schwannoma

Peritonitis caused by Mycoplasma hominis and pancreatic schwannoma were described in recent cases.

Two case reports involving gastroenterology topics were published on April 2 by Annals of Internal Medicine: Clinical Cases.

The first case described an 18-year-old woman with a recent uncomplicated spontaneous vaginal delivery who presented with altered mental status and new ascites. Peritoneal cultures eventually grew Mycoplasma hominis. This may represent the second reported case of primary peritonitis due to M. hominis in an immunocompetent patient and the first in a postpartum patient, according to the authors.

The other case described a 64-year-old man with a reported history of an intra-abdominal fibrosarcoma and untreated hepatitis C who presented with acute encephalopathy from amphetamine use. He was later found to have a pancreatic schwannoma, an extremely rare form of schwannoma that can undergo malignant transformation.